Zoo Design Conference is start of Lionhouse Architects

  • Zoo Design Conference 2017_Wrocław Poland

    Zoo Design Conference 2017 Wrocław Poland

  • Entrance Wrocław Zoo Poland

    Entrance Zoo Wrocław Poland

  • Afrykarium Wrocław Zoo_02

    Afrykarium Zoo Wrocław Poland

  • Afrykarium Wrocław Zoo_01

    Afrykarium, Zoo Wrocław Poland

Lionhouse Architects kicks off in Wrocław.

On 5-7 April 2017 the first international Zoo Design Conference in thirty years has been held in Wrocław, Poland. And Lionhouse was present.

An international group of about 240 persons attended the conference which consisted of a mix of people working for zoos, zoo designers and suppliers. The two and a half day of the conference were packed with inspirational, educational and sometimes even funny presentations.  New developments in exhibit design were discussed with themes such as landscape immersion, environmental enrichments, free range exhibits and enclosure rotation.

“It was great to meet with so many professionals in zoo design. The inspiring presentations, the numerous examples of good exhibit design and the exchange of ideas with peers got us even more motivated to design enclosures from the perspective of animal wellness.”

Jan de Leeuw

We look forward to the next Zoo Design Conference. Let’s hope we do not have to wait another 30 years.
Our special thanks goes out to the hosts of the conference; Radoslaw Ratajszczak, ZOO Wrocław and Monika Fiby, ZooLex.

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