Restoration project wins ‘Best Restaurant’ award

Lotusserre catering Blijdorp_23

We are proud to announce that Rotterdam Zoo restaurant ‘Poort van Azië’ (Gate of Asia), a restoration project designed by Siebold Nijenhuis, received a Diamond Themepark Award for ‘Best restaurant of Belgium & The Netherlands’. This annual election is aimed at amusement parks and zoological parks in the Netherlands and Belgium. Over 47,000 people casted their vote this year. A professional jury also gave their opinion. The jury consist of several fan sites from Belgium and the Netherlands with experience and knowledge in visiting amusement parks, zoos and other tourist attractions.

Restaurant Poort van Azië is housed in the monumental ‘Lotusserre’, the former tearoom, and is now fully restored and immersed in ‘1001-night’ spheres. From this restaurant visitors have a view on the new lion exhibit, another project of Siebold Nijenhuis, and the elephant enclosure.

The design team consisted of Siebold Nijenhuis Architect, Broekbakema and Kees Rouw. The project was completed in 2015.

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