Restaurant Dierenpark Amersfoort

Capacity expansion

Dierenpark Amersfoort have asked Lionhouse Architects to explore the possibilities of capacity expansion of their main restaurant De Buitenplaats. The last few years the zoo has seen ever increasing numbers of visitors and as a result the restaurant – at peak moments – regularly reached its limits.

Optimization study

After having experienced a peak moment ourselves and weighing the pros and cons of various interventions, we proposed a two-step plan:

  1. Improve the logistical efficiency of customer flow and servery – the quick wins
  2. Increase the seating area by means of an extension – the follow up


The proposals were received with enthusiasm and meanwhile the quick wins of step 1 have been implemented. The staff received much positive feedback from the visitors and heve seen an increase of capacity on peak moments.

The extension of step 2 is scheduled for coming years.


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