New Indian Rhinoceros exhibit – Dierenrijk

Design support

Dierenrijk – one of Libéma’s zoos – is developing an Indian Rhinoceros exhibit. Besides rhinos, this new mixed exhibit will also house nilgai and visayan warty pigs. The project includes a sloping outdoor area with water features, animal quarters and stables, a catering terrace and visitor circulation.

Lionhouse Architects were asked to provide computer aided design support, by converting draft proposals into a digital 3d model. This model helped to better understand the complex terrain with its different levels and provided essential information in the decision-making process.

Design development

In order to obtain a building permit, Lionhouse Architects also provided its services in the design development and construction documents phase.
All products and materials were selected and scheduled. We finalized all the technical design, engineering and detailing and produced the necessary drawing sets.

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