New architecture firm with focus on plant and animal exhibit design

Start zoo design firm Lionhouse

Exhibit design for interaction between animals, plants and visitors.

As of April 1st 2017 Siebold Nijenhuis and Jan de Leeuw joined forces and started Lionhouse Architects; an architectural firm with a focus on designing enclosures for both animals and plants.

In contrast to most of the other design firms working for zoos or botanical organizations Lionhouse Architects provides services which concern the buildings; the architecture and structural aspects. Lionhouse does not focus on landscape design, but does recognize the importance of hard and soft landscaping, rockery and enrichements and how this may be integrated in the design.

“Although there seems to be a broadly shared opinion of the architect being the most dangerous animal at the zoo (William Conway), we however tend to design buildings that blend into their surroundings if neccesary and fit the specific needs of the animals, plants, visitors and management.”

Jan de Leeuw

Lionhouse Architects not only provides concepts and preliminary designs but, by a team of skilled technical draughtsmen, can also provide detailed technical drawings.

Siebold was the architect of several projects for Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I on the other hand have designed projects for Botanical organiations, of which some in the UK. We are currently involved in a Botanical development in Fleetwood.

The name Lionhouse is derived from the last names of the two partners; lion (leeuw) and house (huis).

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