Formal launch of Fleetwood Quays

Wyre Dock; Botanical Glasshouse

On Wednesday 15th of november plans for the major redevelopment of the Wyre Dock were officialy presented to a selected audience of press, local councillors, business people and organisations. The entire redevelopment has been given the name ‘Fleetwood Quays’.

Lionhouse Architects – together with Smiemans projecten – designed one of the most defining elements in the fishing port’s regeneration plans; a Chinese-themed botanical garden, which provide a walkthrough of three different regions of China from a tropical flora perspective. More in-depth information can be found on our project page.

Other elements within the proposals for the mixed-use site are a hotel, restaurant, transport and Fleetwood themed heritage centre, an exhibition hall, retail, leisure and residential property as well as a purpose-built hub for the Town’s important fish-trading sector.

The proposals are due to be submitted for planning approval. A start date of 2019 has been put forward.
Wyre Dock Development – formed to provide the launch vehicle for this ambitious development – said if approved, the first stage would be built by 2022.

Further information is available on the website of Wyre Dock Development Ltd.

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