Concept design for ecomuseum in Lot – France


The French Association Centre de Découverte de la Nature & Écomusée Aqua Terra aims to educate the public about the wonders of nature. For this Association a concept design for a new ‘Discovery Centre’ and ecomuseum was prepared.

The architectural characteristics for this ecomuseum were derived from the traditional tobacco drying barns which can be found throughout the region.
A Palmhouse is situated in the heart of the centre and is towering above the rest of the building, which houses a museum and a Desert Garden.

The design has been submitted for approval on funding from the Lot Department authority.


Location: Lot department, France
Client: Centre de Découverte de la Nature & Écomusée Aqua Terra
Architect: Jan de Leeuw
Total floor area: 1502m²
Museum: 858m²
Palmhouse: 370m²
Desert Garden: 165m²
Office: 66m²
Plant room: 43m²


Jan de Leeuw designed this Botanical Exhibit in employment with Smiemans Projecten.

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