Botanic Glasshouse design – Fleetwood Quays

Concept design.

As part of a larger scheme of renewal and regeneration of the former Fleetwood fishing port, a concept for a botanic glasshouse was designed. This concept design will be used as input to a development plan which aims to revive the old Wyre Dock.

Wyre Dock.

The last few decades the once thriving fishing port and associated Wyre Dock have fallen into disuse. A few members of the local society, who have Fleetwood’s best interests at heart, joined forces in Wyre Dock Development Ltd. to provide a formal entity through which proposals for the regeneration and renewal of the dock could be taken forward.

In the past twelve months a business plan is being developed with the engagement of a number of professional firms. The development plan will result in two major anchor year-round visitor atractions, one of which will be a botanic exhibit of Chinese flora.

Gardens of China.

This botanic display, ‘Garden of China’, will be themed to diverse Chinese climatic regions. It will be a site specific venue to form one part of the dockside property, containing three separate conservatories simulating specific climate conditions, such as temperature and humidity . A forth conservatory will be used for propagation.
Visitors can walk through the gardens both on the ground floor and on a so-called tree top route.
As part of the total volume an area with asian themed pavilions will initiate the entrance to the botanical garden.

Fleetwood Quays.

Further elements in the proposals for Wyre Dock include a hotel, restaurant, an extension to the Fleetwood Museum and a visitor attraction themed to China’s rich cultural history. The proposal also includes an electric tramway linking the displays around the waterfront site. The entire redevelopment has been given the name ‘Fleetwood Quays’.

The combination of visitor attractions, a high quality residential development and conferencing venue are to bring about a sustainable regeneration of Wyre Dock.

Wyre Dock Development Ltd. with its partners are in discussions with Associated British Ports and international investment groups to realise these objectives within the near term.

Conceptualisation of how this important waterside location could be developed is on-going.



Jan de Leeuw designed this Botanical Exhibit in employment with Smiemans Projecten.

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