Architects of Lionhouse registered

Architects Registration Office

The Dutch Architects’ Title Act (WAT) protects the titles architect, urban planner, garden and landscape architect, and interior architect. To use the title ‘architect’ in the Netherlands you must be registered with the Architect Registration Office (Bureau Architectenregister). Also the use of the title in or in connection with names of architectural firms and the use of abbreviations and word compositions of or in combination with this title is subject to the provisions of the WAT. This also applies to profiling or presenting oneself otherwise as a professional having the title.

Professional experience

You must have certain certificates to be eligible for inclusion in the architects register. You can only register with the architects register after finishing a masters training and having gained 2 years of professional experience.

Consultation with the architects register

Both Jan de Leeuw and Siebold Nijenhuis of Lionhouse are registered. You can consult the architects register on the website of the Architect Registration Office.

Jan’s registration number is 1.170415.001

Siebold’s is registered with number 1.980316.003

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